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How to Seduce an Older Woman Regardless of Your Age

When Drake hears Lady Forsythe talk, he realizes that she is not his Cat, and the tempting seductress who has bewitched him must be shy, quiet Mrs. Drake is under a cloud of suspicion and is known as the Deadly Duke. Never mind that Drake was out of the country when his wife was killed, Society still looks at him and wonders if he might have done it. Note to writers: It would have been better had Drake been at least somewhat nearer the crime scene.

How to Seduce an Older Woman

When he is in Scotland and the victim is in London, having him under a cloud of suspicion comes across as just plain silly. Drake moves in on Merriam with all his guns blazing and easily seduces her. But Drake comes after her again, with all his guns blazing and persuades her to become his mistress for the Season. Merriam puts up a token protest and submits. Pretty soon the quiet mouse becomes the elegant swan and pampered mistress. Also, he has plans to use her to get to the man whom he suspects of murdering his wife, namely Julian.

At thirty-three she assumes that a few gray hairs and childbirth scars make her impossible to love. Ramiel Devington is equally tortured. For a long time Ramiel is something of an enigma, but the longer he knows Elizabeth the more protective of her he becomes. This book is not as intensely romantic a love story as many keepers, perhaps because the real romance develops late in the story, after you are completely convinced that the marriage must end. It compensates with wonderful period feeling, a compelling plot and outstanding secondary characters.

The internal and external conflicts work together seamlessly, a rare achievement. Her unique voice had me yearning for more. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Close window [X]. Robin Uncapher. Luke was a fast learner.

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  • A Lady's Lesson in Seduction.

In fact, Roz soon discovered that he didn't need lessons at all. He could teach her plenty about the art of seduction!

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Get A Copy. Hardcover , Large Print , pages. Published August by Thorndike Press first published December More Details Original Title. Marlow Family 4.

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Rosalind Marlow , Luke James. Other Editions 7. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about A Lesson in Seduction , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about A Lesson in Seduction. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Roz started some smack in the last book that rebounded fairly epicly on Olivia, since SN has a great sense of either fair play or she just likes to torment her h's, it is Roz's turn to take her whacks.

Roz has a serious stalker when the book starts and a politician's wife had a heart attack in Roz's hotel roo Re A Lesson in Seduction - Susan Napier's final book in her Marlow Family Series tells the story of actress Roz - who is the non-identical twin sister of Olivia, the h from Winter of Dreams. Roz has a serious stalker when the book starts and a politician's wife had a heart attack in Roz's hotel room where there was a large wad of money scattered around and the Press thinks they have a Right to Know what exactly is going on.

The wife of the politician had to be carted away in an ambulance and Roz has decided to keep her mouth shut in the mode of the Never Complain, Never Explain mindset. Even the very intruding and interrogatory combined might of the Marlow Family Patriarchs, namely Roz's parents, aren't enough to get Roz to give a clue as to what is up. There is nothing to do then, but ship Roz off to a distant island resort and wait for the dust to settle and hope the die hard members of the Press Corp will stop hounding them.

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Roz gets to the airport with her brother in law from the prior book and they meet a techie kinda geeky guy who the brother in law knows, his name is Luke. He gets sorta drafted as a companion to Roz on her island excursion and Roz decides that he needs to learn how to woo a woman. There is some testing of boundaries and getting to know you conversation, Roz makes a few assumptions about Luke's unworldliness that aren't entirely accurate - tho Luke is not a lady buffet sampler and doesn't do a lot of flirting with women.

We get island life HP travelogue and some Roz and Luke touristy excursions, while Roz takes Luke's wooing of women education in hand. There are seekrits seething under the surface tho, Roz has cause to believe that Luke may actually be her stalker, but the big lurve club extravaganza clears Luke of that, Roz is relying on her intuition that tells her Luke is not the stalker is hiding from. Roz and Luke are still reluctant to share their innermost thoughts, until word comes that Roz's stalker is dead. Apparently he committed suicide a few weeks earlier and his body was recently found.

This prompts Luke to reveal that the politician's wife who collapsed in Roz's hotel room is actually Luke's aunt and he wants to know what is going on between her and Roz.

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Roz still won't say anything, she gave her word to the poor politician's wife when it seemed like she was gasping out her last breath, and Roz doesn't EVER go back on her word. Roz decides a future with Luke is hopeless, his aunt's seekrit could be very damaging, so she flees back to New Zealand to see if Luke's aunt is recovered enough to talk yet.

Roz loves Luke by now, but she doesn't think she can have him. Luke is an orphan and wants a family and Roz is sterile after a bout of pelvic inflammatory disease. Plus there is Luke's aunt's deep dark seekrit and Roz can't bear to keep seekrits from the man she loves. In Roz's estimation, it is all sharing or nothing and she can't share the aunt's plight with Luke. After a 30 hour flight to get back, Luke is waiting outside the aunt's hospital room when Roz finally arrives.

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He got direct connections. Roz still won't tell Luke what the big seekrit is, but Luke figures most of it out for himself. The big seekrit is that Roz's stalker is Luke's aunt's seekrit son that she had as a teenager and ended up adopting out. Luke's uncle, the aunt's husband, is a big time Family Values Politician and the aunt is very scared that news of her illegitimate child could either ruin his political career or break up her marriage.

The news that he turned out to be a creepy stalker of a famous actress would also make everything ten times worse. The money came from the stalker guy and when Roz met the aunt, she wanted to give the aunt the money to give it back. Roz feels bad for having a stalker, she feels like his stalking may be her fault, something Luke tries very hard to talk her out of believing. The aunt was really agitated when she talked to Roz, probably because she had just found her son's body, and then she collapsed and the whole situation went pear shaped.

Roz had to flee and then met up with Luke and they fell in love, but Roz doesn't really see a future for them unless the aunt wants to confess all. Luke decides that he doesn't care what Roz can't see, he loves her, she loves him and tho his aunt may never reveal her deep dark seekrit, Luke wants to be with Roz and she admits she wants to be with him, so we leave the two of them declaring they believe and trust in each other for the big HP HEA.

How to Seduce an Older Woman Regardless of Your Age

This one was interesting, but I thought it was a bit melodramatic. Then again Roz is an actress and she obviously likes drama, her big goal, which she is in the process of achieving, is to play Lady Macbeth. Luke was a very nice H and tho I am not really a fan of tutoring H's in the arts of love, Luke was very Alpha when he needed to be and I thought he and Roz worked well together for the most part.

The tone of the story jumped around a lot too, but it is the final Marlow book in the series and worth a read if you run into it for an okay HP outing with a rather abrupt HEA. View all 6 comments. When famous actress Rosalind attracts a stalker along with a scandal, her family convinces her to take a vacation to the famous islands of Tioman.