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This book examines the process in a group of communities from the southern part of Flanders the monks of Saint-Bertin at Saint-Omer, the community of Saint-Rictrude at Marchiennes and the canons of Saint-Am at Douai over a period running from the ninth to the end of the eleventh century.

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A young man is brutally murdered. His distraught girlfriend is the prime suspect.

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Her aunt, Caroline Masters, about to take up a top job in the US Court of Appeals, decides to defend the young woman in the murder trial. But this will be Caroline's first contact with her family in almost twenty years, and as she prepares the case and goes through the trial, long forgotten secrets re-surface, pitting Caroline against not only the police and prosecution, but also against her father a retired judge , her sister and the memory of her young self when she, too, lost a boyfriend in suspicious circumstances.

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